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+385 91 5169 224
+385 98 956 7015

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Medulićeva 24, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia


The visual identity derives from the recognisable shape of the six-pointed Karlovac star. In terms of polygonal ground plans, the old town centre is the six-pointed star with a bastion system. The museum is located in the northwestern part of the star and its top is accentuated by colour. Each colour signifies a particular program, a particular event. Elements of visual identity function together, but also separately, thus giving dynamism when applied to printed and digital materials. The museum gets its brand and becomes more visible to the public. The goal of the visual identity is to spark interest and curiosity in the observer and invite him to the Museum. By changing the formation, the elements of visual identity acquire new forms, depending on the need, and thus give additional playfulness to the form.


Proposition for competition Karlovac City Museum


May 2020




Visual identity, Logo, Poster design, Layout