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Who We Are ?

Roko Jurjević and Ivan Klanac graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Design. Roko in the graphics department, and Ivan in the architecture department. In the same year, they both enrolled in the School of Design at the Faculty of Architecture. At the beginning of their Masters degree program, they started collaborating on various projects. They decided to officially form the collaboration and after graduating at School of Design they opened their own studio — Plac studio.

The idea behind them is to offer their clients, the permanent and new ones, something fresh and new. They focus on innovation and an individual approach to each project. In addition to commissioned projects, they also work on cultural projects and participate in creative competitions. One of the recent competitions in which they participated is (Re) Imagining Europe, organised by the Croatian Design Society, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia, where their poster "Europe speaks more than a thousand words” was chosen to be exhibited.

The diversity of clients allows them a wide range of creativity. In addition to long-term collaboration with the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb and Gallery f8, their clients include the University of Zagreb, Naklada Pavičić, Marina Preko, Gallery Klovićevi dvori, ... They also work with international clients. Organised by Hartlepool Collage and the University of Zagreb in collaboration with the British Academy and Intellect, they were selected for the design and branding of the international conference "Fashion, Costume & Visual Cultures" which was held in Zagreb and then in France. They actively collaborate with marketing agencies in various fields of design. This year, they collaborated with the organisers of the festival "Art Zagreb" and "Zagreb design week", and on these projects they were in charge of all visual materials.

Through a competition for the creation of the visual identity of the House of Art Arsen, they established collaboration with the Fortress of Culture Šibenik. They are currently working on making all the visual materials for the House of Art.

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