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+385 91 5169 224
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Medulićeva 24, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia


"Imagine a pleasant summer evening in good company, munching popcorna and watching great movies under the stars in an unforgettable atmosphere of the Arena, an ancient Roman theater in Pula!" This was the announcement of the Pula Film Festival from which we drew inspiration for the 67th Visual Identity. Good company, popcorns and great movies is the recipe for the 67th Pula Film Festival. The number 6 symbolises the hand holding a popcorn, while the number 7 symbolises the mouth in which the 6 inserts the popcorn. The identity is shaped in three-dimensional order to better distinguish itself, but also to offer something different, new and fresh. It is possible to apply illustration through animation and thus obtain the attractiveness of the identity.


December 2019