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The opening of a new gallery of the Academy of Dramatic Arts - ADU Gallery f8 - was an opportunity for our brand design consultancy Plac Studio to create its visual identity. The design is the interpretation of the wide-open camera lens which changes focus, symbolizing future upcoming exhibitions. Gallery f8 was inaugurated with the exhibition "Alumni" for which we designed promotional materials, such as posters, invitation cards and catalogues. Plac Studio has continued to work closely with the Gallery and its students ever since. We see our cooperation as a link between two fields of study which intertwine in many ways and also encourage interdisciplinary exchange that has ultimately shaped contemporary design. The visual identity of the Gallery and the accompanying exhibition paraphernalia for the first exhibition "Alumni" were created under the mentorship of Marija Juza, teaching assistant; Dina Milovčić, lecturer, and assistant professor Tomislav Vlainić from the Faculty of Architecture, School of Design, Zagreb University, in cooperation with the Gallery f8 manager Jelena Blagović, assistant professor (ADU, Zagreb University).


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